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The Most 5 Common entry points for burglars.


        Home security is never easy, but if you follow Top1 locksmith in Leeds tips how to keep your main entry points secure, you will minimize any risk if a burglary. Home burglaries are a fact of life. You have no way to guarantee your home won’t be one of those burglarized, but you do have plenty of ways to decrease the chances of it happening to you. You can start by understanding just how burglars break in—and how to avoid them.

      1. THE FRONT DOOR.

       Many people think a burglar would never walk through the front door, but it is one of the most popular entry point of all. About 43% of breaks-in involve forced entry. People often forget to lock their doors, or have a key within easy reach of the lock, making the front door a surprisingly common target for burglars. Top1 locksmiths would suggest do not leave a spare key near the door. This is the most well-known practise and the first place a burglar will look. If you leave a keys on a shelf near the front door that's mean they are reachable through the letterbox.

  1. Always ensure that you have locked the door – even if you are in the house. Burglars are becoming more quietly during a day, with out having to smash anything.

  2. Install a door alarm so that you are notified every time someone goes in or out of your house without permission

  3. Don't leave a keys under door mats, plant pots and other not-so- difficult-to find places.

  4. Strong doors from durable materials.

  5. Correct, up-to-date locks.

  6. Use motion sensor lights as a deterrent.

  7. Install CCTV and burglar alarms to help prosecute if you were to be burgled.


         The second most common entry point is the back door. Many of burglaries try to access these points. There’s less of a chance of getting spotted when going ‘round the back’, ideal entry points since burglars want to avoid unwanted attention from other people, and burglars will tend to be able to spend more time gaining access. In addition to “safe” locks, ensure any glass is reinforced and there is a curtain or blind covering the view inside. Sliding doors in particular are very vulnerable, even if not smashed. Their standard locks can be opened quite easily and they can be lifted off their tracks even when locked.

        Here are some Top1 Leeds locksmith suggestions to protect your back door or sliding door:

  • A back door is also more likely to be left unlocked when the owner is home.

  • Sliding doors are particularly vulnerable because the glass can easily be smashed and their lock mechanisms are usually rudimentary.

  • Some sliding doors can actually be opened by being lifted off of their track even when locked.                                                       3.WINDOWS.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Not many people give much thought to securing the windows. However, nearly 21% of burglars entry your home through the windows. In summer they are commonly left open.

Few tips you can use to secure your windows against potential break-ins:

  • Install reinforced glass – tempered glass, laminated glass or bullet-proof glass can be potential options, depending on your security needs

  • Install window bars – having iron bars on your windows is potentially one of the strongest defenses against burglars. Glass can be broken, but burglars can’t squeeze through iron bars

  • Invest an alarm system– a window sensor, window alarm or glass breakage alarm can be installed to provide added security

  • Install a decent locks on the window

  • Make sure you keep the windows closed when you are not home

  • Finally, although trees and shrubbery offer a level of privacy to homeowners, bear in mind that they can do the same to burglars.


            Garages which are attached to your house are a prime target for burglars to gain entry to your home. This is because many people think that once their garage door is locked there is no need to lock the door from the garage into the house. However, garage doors are often fairly easy to break and once the burglar is inside they have free access to the entire house. Garages also often contain some goods such as cars, power tools, expensive sports equipment etc.

Protect your garage doors:

  • Lock your garage door and any internal doors you may have.

  • Upgrade the lock on the garage door to a stronger, more durable one

  • Ideally, the garage door should be made from a strong material such as metal is always recommended.

  • Never leave your garage door wide open for long periods of time, even when you are working close by.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                5. GATES

        Gates are usually fairly easy to climb over but again many people leave them unlocked or even propped open. They can also provide cover for the would-be intruder once they have gained access to the rear of the property.

  • Top1 locksmith suggest to not leave rubbish bins or other helpful items near the gate to help the burglar on his way over.

  • Fit quality bolts and padlocks to gates and keep them locked.

  • Security lights and burglar alarms are the best deterrent.


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